Don't Let Your Marketing Slip: 4 Tips for Marketing Success

Asad Hussain

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May 22, 2021 12:55:00 PM

Don't Let Your Marketing Slip: 4 Tips for Marketing Success

Marketing is a challenge, especially when your time is taken up by all the other aspects of your business. Sometimes, you need a refresher to help you stay on the right track, whether you're struggling to remember the length of a successful marketing campaign or working to ensure that you're using the latest best practices for your business.  

Is your marketing starting to slip? Have you struggled to keep up with everything on your To-Do list? Make sure you incorporate these tips into your marketing list to improve your odds of success.  

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1. Audit Your Brand Positioning

Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 12.54.09 PMBuilding your brand is a critical part of establishing your position in your industry and ensuring that you can market your brand correctly with the right brand voice and the right target audience. Start by testing different strategies for your regular marketing materials to see if you get better results. In some cases, simply conducting A/B testing on various posts and headlines is enough to let you know what your audience wants to see. In other cases, you may want to adjust your content posts to see if they get more attention.  

If your marketing is lagging, your brand might not be positioned the way you want it. You may have missed your target audience or their specific needs, or you might not establish your brand the way you intended. Often, slightly tweaking your strategy can help you achieve better overall marketing results.  

2. Optimize Your Content For Mobile

By the second half of 2020, around half of traffic to most websites came from mobile devices. Check your site analytics via Google Analytics to determine what devices potential customers are most often using to access your website. If you have a high amount of mobile traffic, it's critical to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Ensure that you check your load times on your own mobile devices to ensure that your website loads smoothly.  

You may also want to examine page widths to ensure that they load correctly on mobile devices. Optimizing for mobile will also help improve your search engine ranking, even for customers who aren't accessing your website via mobile device.  

Since a large percentage of your customers are using their mobile devices for most of their web browsing, a lack of mobile content can block out a considerable portion of your customer base. By ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly, on the other hand, you make it more accessible for all your customers.  

3. Update Your Buyer Persona

Understanding your ideal buyer persona is a critical part of ensuring that your marketing reaches the right people. Without an accurate buyer persona, you may find yourself marketing to people who have little to no interest in your products and services.  

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Your buyer persona can also change over time, especially as customer behaviors change or your business adapts to the changing needs of your target market. Your target audience might grow, or it might shift to a new generation, depending on the current demand for your products and services. As a result, the buyer's journey may change, too. 

Try surveying past customers to learn more about who they are, what attributes they share, and what they need from your business. Do a test buying journey yourself to discover where you may need to streamline the process to make things easier for your customers. The better you know the buyer's journey and your specific buyer personas, the better you can adapt your marketing and website to meet those needs. 

4. Work With A Media Partner

Media partners are well suited to address any issues or challenges you may face as you create your marketing materials. They also have the tools you need to put your name out there, analyze your target audience, and provide you with critical insights into buyer behaviors and what those buyers want from your business. In addition, your media partner can offer an outside perspective that is committed to your success, but that will not get derailed by inside concerns.  

media partner can aid in any stage of your marketing campaign, whether you're just getting started on your marketing journey or trying to jumpstart a lagging marketing campaign. By connecting with a media partner, you can often give your business the boost it needs to see a higher degree of overall marketing success.  

If you've watched your marketing campaign start to lag or you're struggling to get your marketing off the ground, it's time to create the changes you need to improve your campaign and enhance your overall marketing efforts. From taking a look at your existing marketing strategies and evaluating your buyer persona to working with a media partner, these tips can help you take your marketing efforts to the next level.  

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