Using Video as a Marketing Tool for Your Small Business

Brooke Boucher

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Apr 30, 2021 3:16:00 PM


Video is an incredible marketing tool that can impact consumers more than many other forms of advertising. Viewers may retain as much as 95% of a message delivered via video, while they may withhold much less info from other mediums. Fifty-four percent of consumers want to see more video from the brands they support and follow. By utilizing video, many brands find that they can increase their impact, raise brand recognition, and increase the odds that people will feel an emotional connection to their brand. 

Commercials Leave a Memorable Impression of Your Brand

Commercials are good for brand awarenessVideo is an easily digestible format that makes your brand stand out while engaging with your audience. People can passively watch video content. They do not have to dig through it for the information that you present to them. Instead, you can offer them highly visual content that allows them to get a great look at what you're trying to say. It will enable you to explain complex topics concisely--and it remains one of the top formats many people use for consuming content.

If you want to create a memorable impression, video is the way to go. Whether you put together a killer TV commercial or videos designed for sharing on social media, video can help deliver content in a way that viewers are more likely to remember later. Work with your media partner to make sure you know what impression you want to leave and how you can provide content to help achieve those goals.

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Video Puts a Face To Your Company

Video adds personality to your company and puts a face to your brand. This allows you to connect with your customers on a more personal level and share your company culture with interested viewers. People are more likely to respond to your business emotionally and develop a sense of connection to you when they see your face. Through your videos, you can take them on a behind-the-scenes walk through your business that will make them feel as though they have been there with you. 

Social media video, in particular, is a great way to speak to your audience on a personal level. Whether you provide consumers with live video content or offer recorded content they can view at their leisure, social media video is a great way to help consumers understand the motivation behind your company’s work. Video shares who you are and why you feel what you're doing is essential. In many cases, consumers will feel a deeply personal connection with your "why" explanations--and as a result, they'll be more likely to choose your brand over your competitors.

Video Helps You Become a Thought Leader

Video makes your business a thought leaderVideos are beneficial as an educational tool. Your audience often wants to know more about your business than what they need to be passive customers simply. They may want to connect with you more directly: get a better feel for your industry, how your products can benefit them, and why they might want to make specific choices related to your brand, the materials you use, or the causes you support. As you build your brand, you can also establish yourself as a thought leader: someone who knows exactly what they're talking about in your industry and how that information can benefit your customers. 

As a business owner, you can share a great deal of information with your customers via educational or product videos. Posting them either on your website or on YouTube can make it easier to share that content with a broad audience. Educating consumers isn't just about making sales. 

For example, as a car dealership, you might want to share information about necessary maintenance and repairs on a vehicle. If you're a medical practice, you might want to share information about specific procedures and how they can benefit your audience. You might even show consumers how to complete some of those activities on their own, then explain when they might need to bring in a professional and how that professional--you!--can benefit them even more. When consumers trust you to provide them with the information they need due to your videos’ high quality, they're also more likely to trust you when the time comes to call in a professional to take care of some of their needs.

Watch Here to Discover Why TV?

Around 51% of YouTube users use the platform to learn how to do new things. Even more may choose to consume video content when they want to know something new, whether they're looking for further information about a product or looking into a new industry for the first time. Your business can take advantage of that heavy reliance on video. Through your videos, you can establish yourself as an industry leader, put a face on your company, and leave your brand’s impression that you want to share with your audience.

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