What You Can Learn From Lifestyle Brands

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Sep 1, 2021 1:42:13 PM

What You Can Learn From Lifestyle Brands

Some of the most iconic, memorable brands sell a story, not just a product. They design their brand story into a lifestyle that people desire. Consumers want to buy products and services that make them feel a certain way, elevate their status, help them gain internal motivation, or otherwise change the way they live their lives.  

A brand that tells a powerful story can create an equally powerful connection to consumers who want to bring that feeling into their lives. That's why lifestyle branding is so powerful. 

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Lifestyle Brands are Selling a Story... 

Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 1.29.21 PMLifestyle brands don't push to sell something by convincing consumers that they need it. Instead, they lure the customers in by telling a story of how their product will change their lives. This marketing method captures a story that people want for themselves: more money, popularity, increased fitness, or a generally better sense of wellbeing. It's a powerful image that helps coax people to connect that feeling with that brand--and people want it. 

Consumers who engage with lifestyle brands aren't necessarily buying a product. Instead, they're buying the feeling they will get when they have the product.  

Some lifestyle brands sell luxury, while others sell a mindset. Meanwhile, other brands sell physical fitness, or popularity, or a better family connection. When a company uses lifestyle branding, the product or service embodies the values and ideals the audience already has or wants to obtain.  

Start by taking a look at your target audience. Identify what they want, who they aspire to be, or a life purpose they long for. This is where it's critical to know your target audience and who they are: as you create materials that are designed to sell them much more than a product or service, but rather the lifestyle they've always wanted. Sell them a story with a lifestyle based on their needs and wants.   

Look at how they'd like to paint themselves and who they imagine themselves to be. Then, sell them a story that connects with those wants and needs. 

...But Lifestyle Brands Don't Sell to Everyone  

Lifestyle brands do not sell to the masses. They sell to narrowed-down, niche audiences. Brands that are focused on lifestyle rather than specific products cater directly to their consumers. They have very devoted audiences who rarely stray from their favorite brands. These businesses create an emotional connection with their customers and inspire them to live a better life.  

Lifestyle brands market by focusing on their niche audience rather than their products. They know their desires, internal and external needs, and their fundamental pain points.  

Lifestyle Marketing Creates Loyal Customers and Long-Term Success   

Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 1.29.26 PMWhen customers are buying a lifestyle, they often stick with it. To many consumers, lifestyle brands aren't just another product but a part of their lives. They may wrap part of their self-image up in those brands. Even if they don't necessarily fit the criteria that the lifestyle brand is marketing, they want to--and often, that's the most important part of the equation.  

Think of Apple users: they are willing to spend the most money on a phone and actually wait in long lines to do so. They're not buying the latest phone, but they're buying the Apple lifestyle: trendy, techie, high-end, and wealthy. They see themselves as using cutting-edge technology, and they're willing to go the extra mile to keep that image of themselves. Even when competitors try to sell a cheaper phone with similarities, Apple users will rarely budge--because to them, it's not just about the phone. It's about the brand that they've made part of their lifestyle. This is the loyalty that lifestyle branding creates!  

Stand out from competitors and build loyalty by selling a lifestyle instead of telling your customers why your product is better. Consider what your customers want. Who are they? What makes them tick? Take a walk through their internal dreams, desires, and plans, then use that information to craft a lifestyle message that sells that story and that life, not just another product. Do you want your brand to be unbeatable? Do you want to create a deeper connection with your customers? Answer these questions, and you’ll begin to delve into the internal desires of your audience and be able to build a lifestyle brand. 

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For lifestyle marketers, branding is not just about product loyalty. It's about loyalty to the desired lifestyle. You can be unbeatable by using a variety of lifestyle marketing tactics. By taking a look at your brand and tweaking it to help consumers create the lifestyle they want--you can truly set yourself apart from the crowd. 

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