Why You Should Buy Digital Advertising from a TV Station

Shari Greco

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Feb 26, 2021 9:40:00 AM

Why You Should Buy Digital Advertising from a TV Station

When you're thinking of where to purchase your marketing assets, you might not consider purchasing digital assets from a TV station. In reality, however, working with an experienced media partner can be incredibly beneficial to your business. A TV station can help expand your resources, ensure that you integrate your marketing campaign across all the platforms you're using, and provide you with a better idea of exactly who your target audience is and what behaviors they're engaging in online.

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Ready to move forward with the digital elements of your marketing campaign? Consider these key reasons to turn to a TV station for your digital assets. 

1. TV Stations Have Educational Resources You Can Tap Into

Many TV stations have access to considerable educational resources you can use to develop your marketing campaigns further or determine your ideal target audience. Strategic planning and research can help provide you with much-needed insights concerning consumers’ behavior in your industry. This includes what websites they visit most often, what behaviors they engage in online, and even what keywords they're most likely to use to research information in your industry. MNI offers access to its extensive library of client research, which can help successfully inform your digital marketing campaign

Marketing your business successfully means that you're continually learning and adapting. As the needs of your consumers change, you need to change with them. Often, by working with a TV station, you will find that you can gain access to information about the latest trends and shifts in your target audience, helping you keep up with those changes immediately. 

2. TV Can Reach a Wide Audience

TV reaches an average of 90% of adults in the United States. Unlike many marketing platforms, TV allows for target advertising. It can also help you reach a more general audience within your target geographic area, including members you might not know how to contact directly. 

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Each television commercial you produce also has immense opportunity to reach many people within your target geographic area. TV commercials, especially those for local stations, are usually aired within a specific geographic region. They also allow for some degree of targeting. 

If you want to reach a specific audience, you may want to turn to your media provider for information about the programs they watch most often. For example, you might be able to reach a specific demographic by advertising in conjunction with local news channels. In contrast, another target demographic might frequently watch a program on your media partner's channel regularly. 

Your TV media partner likely also has significant online reach. By joining forces with a media company that handles TV and digital, you can take advantage of that reach, the connection to those personalities, and the social media accounts held by those companies. Many TV stations will allow you to position online ads on their platforms, including their websites and social media pages. 

3. TV and Digital is Leveraged Better Together

An integrated marketing campaign can help extend your reach substantially over your reach when you use a single platform--including digital--alone. TV ads can help bring consumers to your website or search for information about your business, making it easier for you to expand your ability to target your ideal customer. If you already have a media provider who takes care of your TV ads, you may want to use that provider to help expand your digital reach. 

When you integrate your marketing efforts using the same provider for your digital and TV advertising, it offers several advantages to your efforts. First, it helps to ensure seamless integration between your TV marketing and your digital efforts. You want consumers to have the same experience with your brand no matter how they connect with you: the same branding, the same voice, the same general messaging. 

By working with the same media partner for both your TV and digital needs, you can keep that branding the same across your platforms. Using the same provider for both TV and digital can also help save you time since you'll have all of your marketing in the same place instead of having to go back and forth with various providers. Many business owners find that this can streamline their marketing processes and help keep them on the same page with their media partner. 

Are you planning to expand your digital marketing efforts or selecting your marketing plan for the coming year? Turning to a TV station for your digital marketing needs can give you access to better resources and information and provide you with a greater overall reach.

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