What Industries are Booming Right Now?

Michael Peruccio

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Mar 30, 2022 11:41:14 AM

What Industries are Booming Right Now?

As a marketer, it's important to keep up with new and growing industries. By focusing on the top sectors today, marketers can better identify the best opportunities available. Knowing what industries are succeeding the most can determine how to approach outreach campaigns and other strategies. To help you stay up to date with the fastest-growing industries, the following are some of the main sectors that are predicted to grow in 2022. 

Home Improvement 

One of the top industries in the last year has been home improvement. With millions of people moving or buying homes in the U.S., the home improvement industry has boomed. Specifically, interior decoration and home renovation have flourished as people decide to change the look of their homes. 

Professional home improvement services and DIY projects have seen a surge in popularity, particularly after the pandemic forced people to spend more time at home. Homeowners are finding new things to continually improve the home and increase its value. These projects have applied to both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

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Financial Services 

A growing number of people are also seeking financial services. While many people are searching for financial advisory services, insurance, and other solutions, merchant banking services will likely see even bigger growth in 2022.

Many midsize businesses rely on commercial banks to provide trade, debt, and equity management. Over time, as the global economic landscape continues to recover and adapt during the pandemic, transnational facilitation services, and foreign corporate investment will see an increase in demand.  

Of course, private citizens will also want to continue working with financial institutions to help maintain stability. This makes it important to keep up with financial services for individuals and companies alike.  

Real Estate 

What Industries are Booming Right Now?Although the effects of the pandemic in 2020 had caused a slump in real estate sales and brokerage, the industry has since made a swift comeback. Stay-at-home orders and requiring people to work from home contributed to an economic downturn for commercial real estate.  

However, as people transition to a state of normality again, the real estate industry will eventually thrive. This will likely take place due to several factors, including increasing property sales and house prices, along with increased construction activity and market demand. 

Health Care 

Not surprisingly, the health care industry has seen increased demand amid the pandemic. To stay healthy and continue combating the coronavirus, people are visiting more health care facilities, including everything from their local doctor's office to the hospital.   

As more facilities develop and people continue to seek health care services, this market will inevitably grow throughout 2022 and beyond. In particular, eldercare and gerontology will see more growth, as they were the fastest-growing health care industries before the pandemic. 


Another industry expected to thrive in the coming year is the automotive industry. Many people are in the market for new vehicles, but the manufacturing industry is still recovering. The industry relies on manufacturers to produce various vehicle components, including gas engines and many other parts.   

What Industries are Booming Right Now?

This industry's growth will likely result from increased buyer confidence and minimal interest rate increases, which will inspire more people to purchase vehicles and loans. Ultimately, every aspect of the automotive industry will see growth going into 2022 and the years ahead. 


Increased emphasis on environmental friendliness has led more businesses to maintain sustainable practices. Today, around 52% of consumers prefer products that use recyclable packaging or less packaging overall. Meanwhile, 48% want cost-effective, environmentally friendly products, and 44% seek products containing natural ingredients.  

As a result of the increased demand for eco-friendly products and companies, many manufacturers incorporate and advertise more sustainable production processes and products. Everything from sourcing local organic ingredients to producing less waste through efficient manufacturing methods increases sustainability.  

The need for environmentally-friendly business practices has, in turn, driven the market for services that educate and make recommendations to businesses around sustainability. The providers of these services could function as partners that work with companies to help assess their level of sustainability.  

Keep Up with These and Other Industries to Fuel Your Marketing Success 

These and other growing and up-and-coming industries are important to keep up with as a marketer. By keeping an eye on these, you can approach your campaigns and find the right clientele. For instance, you might succeed by launching an outreach campaign to connect with home improvement companies as their industry grows.  

What Industries are Booming Right Now?

There are many ways to take advantage of flourishing industries to drive long-term success with marketing strategies. As the year progresses, other industries may also experience growth, which is why you should take the time to find out what opportunities are out there. 

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